Benefits To Membership

Join & Grow with ArCA!

Professional Development Opportunities Via Conferences

ArCA provides opportunities to learn new counseling approaches from nationally recognized speakers and content sessions by professional quality presenters at the annual conference. There are division and regional one-day workshops and division conferences to showcase best practices. These workshops are supported by ArCA to benefit counselors who seek to exploit their potential to serve their clients/students.

Professional Development Hour/Continuing Education Certificate Maintenance

PDH/CE certificates earned through ArCA services will be uploaded to the ArCA website for five years at a time to allow members to access their professional development certificates when needed.

Professional Networking

ArCA affords counselors ways to connect with one another. ArCA membership makes it easy to connect with other professionals and to support one another.

Professional Advocacy

ArCA is promoting the profession by advocating public policy at both the state and national level. ArCA is the state branch the American Counseling Association and receives wonderful support from ACA for advocacy work. ArCA serves as the voice for all professional counselors in Arkansas. ArCA believes strongly in advocacy and has a professional lobbyist. ArCA and our lobbyist regularly monitor public policy makers and inform its membership about proposed legislation and policy changes that will impact their work.

Professional Identity

Membership in ArCA is a statement about who you are as a professional. ArCA membership gives you credibility as a professional counselor.


ArCA membership provides discounts to attend conferences and workshops. ArCA keeps these certificate records on file for 5 years.