Letter from the President (2019-2020)

Greetings Arkansas Counselor,

Many changes have happened in the Arkansas Counseling Association (ArCA) over the last couple of years! As counselors, we all know that change can be difficult, especially when we resist it. We also know that turning away from difficulty can lead to the loss of hope, which can give rise to feelings of resentment, shame, and defeat. When we turn toward the change, however, and embrace it, we will also change and find hope. In the spirit of facing adversity and change, ArCA is proud to be finding new ways of becoming more flexible and open to addressing the needs and challenges that face the Arkansas Counselor.

Whether you are a school counselor or a mental health counselor, ArCA is dedicated to the on- going process of becoming an organization that addresses the ever-changing issues that face counselors. We strive to be an advocate for counselors and counseling through the state legislative process while protecting the best interests of the public. We know that Arkansas needs counselors like never before and we are determined to help increase access to the highest quality services available in any state.

Our current leadership has been working hard to update our website to make it more accessible and user-friendly. This will allow us to be more transparent and better able us to address specific needs of counselors. We have been working to collaborate more extensively with the Southern Region of the American Counseling Association (ACA) to increase our accountability and the quality of services that we offer to our members. Additionally, we are dedicated to finding new ways to identify and develop potential leaders within the organization so that the advocacy will continue for generations to come.

We know that we have a lot of work to do to keep up with the changing-times! As we continue to take on this challenge, we would love to have your knowledge, experience, and expertise. Join the Arkansas Counseling Association and be part of the change!


Craig Witcher

ArCA President (2019-2020)