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Welcome to ACAC in Arkansas!

Welcome to the Association of Child & Adolescent Counseling in Arkansas (ACACA)! We are a division of the Arkansas Counseling Association (ArCA). We focus on school counseling and counseling services that directly impact children and adolescents. We value diversity and inclusion in our division and seek to be a safe space for clinicians who work so hard to grow young people into healthy adults. The counselors that we represent are precious and valuable people who do immensely important work, our goal is to support them in any way that we can.


July 2020 marks the beginning of our year and our leadership is so proud of our first ACACA newsletter that went out to our members on the first of the month. With the platform of our newsletter, we are able to open up communication with those that our division represents. In future newsletters, we will have articles written by our members and a section entitled Letters to Leadership to answer questions, concerns, and/or feedback about our division, members, and events. This year brings a lot of changes to our profession and our division. We are changing our name from the Arkansas Association of Child and Adolescent Counseling (ArACA) to the Association of Child and Adolescent Counseling in Arkansas (ACACA) in order to align with the national division's bylaws and join them along with a handful of other states. We are also planning some exciting webinars covering topics such as sand tray therapy, OTC substance use in tweens and teens, expressive arts in counseling, and trauma-focused therapy. We plan to offer these four topics this fall and then webinars covering play therapy, adoption, multicultural impacts of development, and choice theory and working with teens in the spring of 2021. Our goal is to offer webinars over topics that are important to our members and the individuals that they serve annually, then eventually, quarterly.


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The Arkansas Counseling Association is Branch of the American Counseling Association.

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