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Research and Survey Opportunities 

Research Surveys Requests:

1. I want to bring your attention to a research study: A Survey of Licensed Psychotherapists’ Use of and Attitudes Toward Walk and Talk Therapy, led by Julia Slocum and Dr. Nathaniel Wade from Iowa State University. The purpose of this study is to explore psychotherapists’ perceptions and experiences of Walk and Talk Therapy (WTT). You do not need to have ever used WTT in your practice to participate, as we aim to collect the perspectives of all psychotherapists - not just those who have used this approach.

WTT is the integration of movement and talk therapy and has been established as a viable psychotherapy option, but research has not kept pace with its growing popularity. This survey explores respondents’ past use of WTT, how helpful and hindering they perceive or have experienced WTT to be, and whether respondents are considering conducting WTT sessions in the future. The survey also asks about behaviors and attitudes related to therapists’ relationship with exercise and nature, as well as physical access to and sense of safety and belonging in natural outdoor spaces.

Survey Link:


Eligibility & Participation

You are eligible to participate in this study if you:
1. Are a currently licensed psychotherapist, and
2. Practice anywhere in the US, and
3. Work with individual adult clients in in-person, out-patient treatment 

Participation in this study involves approximately 15-30 minutes to complete an online survey.

Your participation is entirely voluntary, and you are free to withdraw at any time without any consequences. Respondents may enter a drawing for one of five $50 gift cards. 

The success of this study lies in the participation of licensed psychotherapists of all backgrounds nationwide, so we invite you to share the link above with your professional networks. If sharing via social media, please adjust the post’s settings to not allow for comments, sharing, and/or tagging, if possible. 

Contact Information 

For any questions or research-related concerns please contact:

·    Julia Slocum:

·    Dr. Nathaniel Wade:

The study has received approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB (#23-322) at Iowa State University, ensuring your rights as a research subject are protected and kept confidential.


2. Are you a temporary or provisionally licensed mental health counselor? Would you like the

chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card? If so, we invite you to participate in a research study

conducted by investigators from the University of Iowa that has been approved by the University

of Iowa’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). The project is entitled “The Effects of the

Supervisory Alliance, Perceived Organizational Support, and Graduate Training on Novice

Professional Counselor Burnout and Wellness.” The study is being conducted by Abigail Van

Patten-Freeman and Dr. Susannah Wood.

The purpose of the study is to investigate the relationship between perceived workplace support,

supervisory alliance, and master’s level preparation to predict novice professional counselor's

engagement in wellness and overall experiences of burnout.

You are eligible to participate in this study if you are licensed as a provisionally licensed mental

health counselor (e.g. tLMHC, PLPC, LPCA, LPC). I also invite you to forward this to

individuals who may meet the eligibility criteria.

We are inviting you to be in this study because you are a temporary or provisionally licensed

mental health counselor. We are hoping to recruit 250 temporary and provisionally licensed

mental health counselors for this study.

You will be asked one screening question after consenting and based on your answer, you may

not qualify to participate. If you agree to participate, we would like you to take a survey in which

you will be asked about demographics, your current level of burnout, your perceptions of your

organization’s support, your working relationship with your supervisor, the differences between

your perceived wellness and your aspirational wellness, as well as your graduate training. This

survey is through the University of Iowa’s Qualtrics Platform. You may access the survey at this


Participating in this research study is completely voluntary. You are free to skip any questions

that you prefer not to answer and if you do not want to participate in the study you may exit from

the survey without answering any of the questions. This survey will take approximately 20

minutes. Make sure to be in a private space while responding to research information and survey


We will not collect your name or any identifying information about you in the survey. It will not

be possible to link you to your responses on the survey.

If we write a report about this study, the investigators will do so in a way in which you cannot be

identified. There are no known risks from being in this study, and you will not benefit

personally. However, we hope that others in the future will benefit from what is learned because

of this study.



IRB ID #: 202309223


After completing the full survey, you may elect to be entered into a random drawing for one of

ten, $10 Amazon E-Giftcards for full completion of the study. If you elect to enter the random

drawing, you will be redirected to another Qualtrics link at the end of the original survey. Should

you choose to enter the random drawing, your information related to the study will be kept

separate from the lottery system to ensure your data remains confidential. The study will close

once statistical power has been reached and all information will be deleted prior to data analysis.

This information will be kept separate from the original survey results.

If you have any questions about this study, please contact any one of the members of the

University of Iowa research team below. Thank you very much for your consideration of this

research study.

Abigail Van Patten-Freeman Dr. Susannah Wood

563-275-0927 319-335-5050

3.MFT Research Participants Wanted! 

You are invited to participate in a mixed methods research study on the perceived preparation of marriage and family therapy doctoral graduates to be higher education faculty. Your participation will help advance the field of marriage and family therapy by understanding the perception of teaching preparation experiences of marriage and family therapy graduates during their doctoral program.


The participation criteria for this study are as follows: 

·      You must be a graduate of a marriage and family therapy doctoral program

·      You must have graduated between 2015-2022

·      You must have taught at least 1 course at the college or university level since graduation

Initial participation in this study includes the completion of a survey which should take about 20 minutes. Should you be interested, following the completion of the survey, an additional opportunity for participation includes a follow-up interview to expand on the survey results. This 60-90 minute interview is not required for participation in the initial survey. The follow-up interview will be virtual and scheduled at your convenience.   

All participation in this study is voluntary and there is no compensation. Your participation, however, will be a valuable addition to the profession, and findings will support the development of future marriage and family therapy educational programs, clinicians, and faculty.

If you are interested, click on the following MFT Research Study to review the consent form and upon agreement, initiate the survey.  

 4. My name is Shane Morr, and I am a doctoral student from the University of Holy Cross New Orleans. I am currently conducting a study on couples counseling and its effect on depression and anxiety. For my study I am looking for licensed therapists and counselors with at least three years of experience working with couples. Interested clinicians will need to identify three or more couples where there is a measurable presence of anxiety and depression symptoms in both members. The therapist will give both members of the couple a link or QR code to a short survey on the first session of treatment and again 8-10 sessions into treatment. The survey will include a slightly modified PHQ-9 and GAD-7 to ensure that both members of the couple have at least a pre-test score of 3 in both the depression and anxiety assessments. The first fifteen clinicians who can complete the pre and post tests with at least three cases will receive a $20.00 Amazon gift card to show appreciation for their contribution. If you are interested or have any further questions, please reach out to me directly at Thank you!


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